Here are some common questions I get asked regarding my items. Hope this helps and if you still have a question, please email me and I will do my best to answer! 



Besides Big Cartel, do you have any other online shops?

Big Cartel is the ONLY PLACE you will find majority of my items! 


Do you have a storefront where I can visit and buy personally?

I don't have a shop, unfortunately! I work from home and do everything online. There are a few shops where you can find my items; Coolsville USA located in Montebello, Ca and Vintage Galeria and they have multiple locations; make sure to see if there is one close by you!

I'm working on adding more stores! 

You can also visit me personally during the events I attend! Midsummer Scream, LA COUNTY FAIR, Festival of Lights in Riverside, Ca and a few others. I always post all the events I will be attending in my instagram. Make sure to follow to be updated with any new items and events!  

Accepting commissions?

Commission are closed at the moment. I want to focus more  on my own projects and provide more unique spooky items for you guys!